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Ridetechs’ business model has not been derived from any business seminar or book. It is simply their common sense approach of giving the customer what they want when they want it. Since they are hot rodders, they have a reasonably good idea of what “it” is. They do the vast majority of manufacturing in-house. They do the research and development, CAD drawings, prototyping, CNC machining, CNC tube bending, jig welding, shock assembly and dynoing, airspring crimping and burst testing, and final assembly all within their facility in Jasper, IN. This way they have complete control over every aspect of design, quality, and delivery. This is one reason the backorder rate is virtually ZERO. ALL of the tech/sales people have air suspension vehicles and have been involved in the design, manufacture, installation, and use of Ridetech suspension systems. They have a fleet of around 20 muscle cars, customs, and sport trucks that are used to demonstrate the performance of their suspension products and to continually refine them. You can find out more about their cars at www.ridetech.com. In their news tab you’ll find the most comprehensive technical data available for suspension systems in the world.

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