Alkon Male Straight


Alkon Male Straight D.O.T. PTC Fitting


All of our fittings are D.O.T. Approved to prevent Air Leaks


  • Alkon AQ-DOT Series meet D.O.T. FMVSS 571.106 Air Brake Performance Requirements
  • SAE J1131, J2494-1 & J2494-3 Air Brake Performance Requirements.

Materials of Construction

  • Body (straights), tube supports and grippers: Brass CA 360
  • Forged Elbows: Brass CA377
  • “O” Ring: NBR-269, alternate compounds on request.

Temperature Range
-40℉ to 212℉ (other ranges available upon request)

– NPTF Standard.

Recommended Tubing
– Polyethylene, Polyurethane 95A Durometer and Nylon AQ-DOT Series – J844 Air Brake Tubing

Working Pressure
– The fitting is suitable for use up to the maximum working pressure of the recommended plastic tubing.

Additional information

(PTC) Straight Male Options

1/2"ptc – 1/2"npt, 1/2"ptc – 1/4"npt, 1/2"ptc – 3/8"npt, 1/4"ptc – 1/2"npt, 1/4"ptc – 1/4"npt, 1/4"ptc – 1/8"npt, 1/4"ptc – 3/8"npt, 1/8"ptc – 1/4"npt, 1/8"ptc – 1/8"npt, 3/4"ptc – 1/2"npt, 3/4"ptc – 3/4"npt, 3/8"ptc – 1/2"npt, 3/8"ptc – 1/4"npt, 3/8"ptc – 1/8"npt, 3/8"ptc – 3/8"npt, 5/8"ptc – 1/2"npt