ASCO Metering Muffler Slow Down



  • Brass Body with NPT Threads
  • Adjustable screw with piston inside to slow down the dump speed of the air ride equipped vehicles
  • Made in USA with highest quality material and tested against all type of defects.
  • These will screw into the exhaust solenoid valve on your air ride vehicle
  • Muffles the sound of exhaust air from dump valve, creates back pressure for certain solenoid valves to keep them from sticking open. (Does not apply to all solenoid valves but only to certain brands requiring back pressure)


ASCO Brand  Metering Muffler with slow down screw and check nut. For NPT Solenoid Valves, check your valve thread size before ordering these.

Additional information

flow control

3/8", 1/2"