Numatics Branch Tee


Straight male to male fittings in various PTC and NPT configurations.


Pressure Rating to 265 psi • Temperature range: -20°F to +176°F (BUNA N O-ring) +230°F (FKM O-ring) • Tube diameter: 1/8″ to 1/2″ 4mm to 12mm
• Thread size: 1/8″ to 1/2″
Numatics’ World Thread™ IN-Fittings provide extreme versatility in use, which no longer requires the management of different fittings for different thread types or application.
• Extremely versatile – One fitting design for multiple thread types • Rapid assembly – Requires fewer turns to tighten and seal • Re-usable – Fittings can be used several times without gasket deterioration • Reliable seal – Helical thread profile and PTFE gasket ensure proper seal • Maximum working pressure: 265 PSIG at 68°F (18 bar at 20°C) • Conductor compatibility – Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyethylene
Numatics’ World Thread™ is designed with a helical thread design that represents the envelope for the profile of the NPTF, ISO 228/1(BSPP), (G-Tap), ISO 7/1(BSPT), (JIS B 0202) and (JIS B 0203) thread types. In conjunction with the thread design the seal between the male and female threads is created with a PTFE gasket, housed in a groove at the rear of the thread. This gasket seal meets UNI 571-65 standards

Additional information

(PTC) Branch Tee Options

(2) 1/2"ptc – 1/2"npt, (2) 1/2"ptc – 1/4"npt, (2) 1/2"ptc – 3/8"npt, (2) 1/4"ptc – 1/4"npt, (2) 1/4"ptc – 1/8"npt, (2) 1/4"ptc – 3/8"npt, (2) 1/8"ptc – 1/4"npt, (2) 1/8"ptc – 1/8"npt, (2) 3/8"ptc – 1/2"npt, (2) 3/8"ptc – 1/4"npt, (2) 3/8"ptc – 1/8"npt, (2) 3/8"ptc – 3/8"npt